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Welcome to Duxbury, MA - Real Estate and More

Welcome to Duxbury, Massachusetts – Real Estate and More

Located in Plymouth County, Duxbury, MA is a coastal community situated between Marshfield and Kingston in Cape Cod Bay. This land was inhabited as far back as 12,000-9,000 BC, and historians believe the Wampanoags lived on the land. The Massachusetts Historical Commission cites 33 archeological sites in Duxbury.

In 1624, Pilgrims Myles Standish and John Alden settled in Duxbury. Incorporated in 1637, the town was named by Myles Standish after Duxbury Woods, his home town of Chorley, Lancashire, Great Britain.

Duxbury was primarily a farming community during the 17th and 18th centuries. After the American Revolution ended, they began building large fishing schooners that turned into larger brigs and three masted ships. By the 1840s, Duxbury had about 20 shipyards and produced an average of ten large sailing vessels per year.

By the 1870s the shipping industry had all but disappeared. Duxbury was declining economically. Its saving grace was its rural character and beautiful bay turning it into a breathtaking summer resort.

Fast forward to today and you have a community steeped in history. The Duxbury Rural and Historical Society provides opportunities for education through tours and featured programs. Tour the Bradford House, King Caesar House and Nathaniel Windsor, Jr. House to learn more about the stories that built Duxbury.

The Town of Duxbury has an open meeting form of government with a Town Manager and an elected Board of Selectmen.

For most, Duxbury is known for having one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Massachusetts, namely Duxbury Beach. It is a 7.5-mile long barrier beach that extends from Marshfield in the north to Gurnet Point and Saquish Beach in the south. And, yes, you can drive on the beach.

Today, Duxbury is also the sixth largest cranberry producer in Massachusetts and has become famous for its delicious oysters. (Psst…Check out Island Creek Oysters)

The town is now called home to almost 15,500 residents. Estimated median household income is $150,000. Median home price is $759,500. For fiscal year 2017, the real estate tax rate for Duxbury is $15.51 for residential and $23.26 for commercial and industrial properties.

The Duxbury School system is made up of four schools:

  1. Chandler School – Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
  2. Alden School – 3rd Grade through 5th Grade
  3. Duxbury Middle School – 6th Grade through 8th Grade
  4. Duxbury High School – 9th Grade through 12th Grade

There are two private schools located in Duxbury, the Bay Farm Montessori School which serves toddlers through 8th Grade and the Good Shepard Christian Academy for Preschool to 8th Grade.

Here are some important links that can help you navigate the Town of Duxbury:

  1. Town of Duxbury
  2. Duxbury Public Schools
  3. Recreation Calendar
  4. What is it like to live in Duxbury?
  5. Council on Aging
  6. Duxbury Beach
  7. The Art Complex Museum
  8. Utilities
  9. Other Useful Resources

Are you considering buying or selling a home in Duxbury, MA? Do you need a real estate lawyer? SINC Law provides comprehensive real estate closing services in Duxbury, MA. Call our office at 781-930-3189 and speak with Bill Sincavage.

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