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Welcome to Hull, MA - Real Estate and More

Welcome to Hull, Massachusetts – Real Estate and More

Located in Plymouth County, Hull is the smallest town by land area in Plymouth County and the fourth smallest in the state. Situated between Hingham and Cohasset, there are no major highways as Route 228 turns into Nantasket Boulevard, the one road in and out of Hull.

Hull was originally used as a trading post to trade with the Wampanoags in 1621, the town became settled in 1622 and incorporated in 1644.

Known as a summer community for many, Hull boasts one of the finest beaches in New England, Nantasket Beach. Nantasket Beach has fine, light gray sand and is one of the busiest beaches in Greater Boston. At low tide, there are acres of tide pools.

During the time of the American Revolution, there was a fort built on the small peninsula in Hull. Called Fort Independence, it was used to protect Boston Harbor dating from the American Revolution through World War II, 1765 through 1945. The fort presently houses the remains of two seacoast fortifications, a water tower with an observation deck, a military history museum and picnic facilities. Fort Independence was eventually renamed to Fort Revere in honor of Paul Revere.

In the early 1800s, Hull became a tourist resort due to its beautiful beach and easy access to Boston. As hotels began being built and the area became established, daily steamships would bring people back and forth from Boston.

Paragon Park was the boardwalk of the downtown providing a place for people to enjoy food, drink and various amusements. Once known for having the largest roller coaster in the world, called the “Giant Coaster”, it was a must ride when you visited the park. Paragon Park closed in 1984 when the land was sold for condominium development. The only remnant that remains from the park today is the historic Paragon Carousel located in the Clock Tower Building.

Early industries in Hull included fishing, trade and salvaging shipwrecks.

Lifesaving has been an important part of Hull history. Point Allerton Lifesaving Station is one of the oldest remaining lifesaving stations in Massachusetts. Known as Old Point Allerton Coast Guard Station, it was established in Hull in 1889. Joshua James, an American Sea Captain, was Hull’s most famous lifesaver, becoming the first Keeper of the Pt. Allerton U.S. Life Saving Station. James and his crew are estimated to have saved over 1000 people from shipwrecks.

For a small town, Hull, Massachusetts holds centuries of history from wartime to pleasure.

Hull is governed, on the local level, by the open town meeting form of government and is led by a Town Manager and a Board of Selectmen.

The Town of Hull has 10, 293 residents. Estimated median household income is $74, 391. Median home price is $450,000. For fiscal year 2017, the real estate tax rate for Hull is $14.83 for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Hull has three schools in their education system: the Lillian M. Jacobs Elementary School, Memorial Middle School, and Hull High School.

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